2020 Classes

Toddler – 18mths-3yrs Mums & Bubs Style 30 minute class. Parents stay and dance alongside your child. Toddler is a great fun class to start children in dance.

Kindy Jazz – 3-5yrs  – 30 minute class. Children are ready to dance independently without parents in the room.

Kindy Combo (4-5yrs) – 45 minute Jazz and Tap Class.

Junior Combo (5-7yrs) – 45 minute Jazz and Tap Class.  

Junior Ballet (5yrs +) – 30 min Ballet Class

Intermediate / Sub Senior Jazz (7yrs +) – 30 min Jazz dance class

Intermediate / Sub Senior (7yrs +) – 30 min Tap dance class

Boys only Hip Hop (7yrs+) – 30 min class with lots of funky moves, just for the boys.

For more detailed information on our classes, click link; Class Description

***Age groupings are a guideline to teach technique at an appropriate level, they overlap and are flexible as all children respond differently. If you are unsure about which class to choose, you are welcome to try each class to see what is best suited for your child. Miss Kate will also assess skill levels during class, throughout the year and will progress your child as appropriate***

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