Toddler – 18mths-4yrs A 30 minute Jazz Dance and Creative Movement, Mums & Bubs Style class. Children will spend a typical class following along to my lead in a group with basic dance steps as well as some free creative self-expression using props and their imaginations. This class is designed to be lots of fun with no pressure, I use different songs from week to week and everything is fast paced and energetic. Parents stay, watch and dance alongside your child if they feel a little shy. Toddler is a great fun class to start children in dance.

Kindy – 3-5yrs A 30 minute Jazz Dance Class. Children are exposed to a more structured Jazz class, while still having lots of fun. Basic jazz steps and combinations are taught as well as a Dance. In this class Children should be happy and ready to dance independently without parent help, just following along to my lead and instruction.  This class is not designed for parents to stay in and watch. Parent viewing days are held at the end of term.

Junior Combo Jazz & Tap (7/Under) – 45 minute Jazz and Tap Class. Students work through a warm-up, combinations and a dance in each style. Focus is again on fun, whilst learning new skills. Parent viewing days are held at the end of term. This class is broken into 2 groups – Junior 1 (4-6yrs, Kindy + Pre Primary Age) Junior 2 (5-7yrs, Pre Primary + Year 1 Age)

Junior Ballet (5yrs +) – 30 min Ballet Class, suitable for beginners, children are involved in a structured style class, complete with barre work, centre work and a dance. Parent viewing days are held at the end of term.

Primary Jazz (7yrs +) – 30 min Jazz dance class for school aged children. Students are introduced to more technique but still at a fun level, with centre and across the floor combination work, and learning a group dance routine. Parent viewing days are on last day of term.

Primary Tap (7yrs +) – 30 min Tap dance class suitable for beginners or those who have previously attended Junior tap. Tap can be a little tricky, so is repetitive to help with the process. Tap shoes are essential for students to hear the sound and feel the beats their fun noisy tap shoes make! Students will learn basic steps and combinations, which are put together over time to form a dance. Parent viewing day on last day of term.


***Age groupings are a guideline to teach technique at an appropriate level, they overlap and are flexible as all children respond differently. If you are unsure about which class to choose, you are welcome to try each class to see what is best suited for your child. Miss Kate will also assess skill levels during class, throughout the year and will progress your child as appropriate***

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